About Us

We are Joeri en Kristof and it would be during 2003, we found our home a bit to empty.

We went in search for a pet, but the choice wasn’t that obvious.

Our opinions couldn’t be further apart: From a Belgian Shepard to a Sphinx.

We thoroughly studied a number of species and breeds, carefully evaluating our options and considering our personal preferences, our characters and of course the possibilities within our home.
Eventually we came across 2 possible breeds, which we liked and from which the characters were exactly where we were looking for: playful, curious and very affectionate.

The Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex

These cats, which sometimes appear more to be dogs or monkeys than cats, conquered our hearts at a glance.

It would be one of these 2 breeds.

Made in Belgium - Kittens

In spring 2004, we bought our first Cornish. And believe it.

Everything they say about the breed is true.

They have the most sweet and gentile character, are very playful and full of mischief, but yet never destructive.

There was only one problem…

The Cornish isn’t a cat to be home alone very often and really needs a playmate…
Hence, that ‘s why a second Cornish came soon.

But it wasn’t until 2009, when we went to different cat shows and came in to contact with some lovely ladies, we decided to take the plunge and start our own cattery.

Despite the fact we still played with the idea to start a Devon Rex cattery as well, we decided for now to stay with the Cornish Rex.

We consciously keep our cattery small and only breed an occasional nest.

We raise the kittens in our living room, to have them well socialised, and they only leave us, when we are convinced they will go to a good home with loving new owners.

We are member of Fife and of Felis Belgica.