General information about the Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is an elegant and strongly muscular cat, standing high on the legs en having a long tail.

The Head is long as well and the ears are large and held alert.

The trademark of the Cornish Rex is its coat.

This coat is very short, more curved than curled and exists only from awn hairs and secondary hairs.

It lacks the Cornish Rex of the longer guard hairs, which other cats do have.

The whiskers and lashes are curled as well.

The European Cornish Rex type has a fuller coat is slightly larger.

The American Cornish Rex type is somewhat smaller and more elegant, has larger ears and a thinner coat.

All colours are allowed.


The Cornish Rex is first of all very affectionate and very people-oriented.

They are vivid and intelligent cats, which are always very present in the house.

Therefore, they do not like to be alone and prefer lying on the lap or in other warm places in proximity of, upon or underneath people.

The Cornish Rex is extremely intelligent and lively.

They can be very naughty sometimes and are happiest when they can run around in the company of a fellow Cornish Rex.

The cats are affectionate, intelligent, loving levendig.en supper!

They are very tolerant of other cats, dogs and children.

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Breed Standards


Viewed from above, the head is somewhat egg shaped and slightly longer than wide (the length is aproximatly 1/3 more than the maximum width).

Between the cheekbones and the end of the skull, the head is equally wide, to end in a slightly rounded muzzle.

Viewed in profile, the skull is rather flat and the line follows the rounding of the head across the forehead and continues into a straight line to the tip of the nose. The chin must be firm.


Large ears which are set high on the head.

Wide at the base, tapering to rounded tips.

The backside of the ears is covered with fine hair.


Medium sized, almondshaped eyes.

Each eyecolour is allowed.


An elegant body of medium length with a slender, elegant neck, well in proportion to the rest of the body.

The body appears to have a delicate bonestructure, yet is heavier than the appearance indicates, due to the firm muscles.

The Cornish Rex gives the appearance of being high on the legs.

The legs itselfves are long, slender, straight and first of all very muscular.

The paws are small and oval


The tail is long, fine and tapering.

The tail must be covered with fine wavy hair, prefarebly without bare patches.


The coat must be short, without guard hairs, and densly curled or waved, particularly on the back and sides.

It may be slightly plush, but not shaggy.

The coat feels soft as silk.

The whiskers and eyebrows are crinkled or curved.


All colours, patterns and colour combinations are allowed, inclusivly any amount of white.